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Open Culture welcomes anyone with Merseyside arts & culture news, events and activities to post content directly to our website for the public to read and share.

What will be published?

This website aims to give members of the public and the arts community in Merseyside a place to find and share events, news and opportunities. Things like exhibitions, performances, workshops, activity days, talks, and participatory projects will be published, provided all key information is provided. Incomplete articles which are vague won’t be published.

Please be aware that Open Culture may edit your post prior to publishing to keep content standards as consistent as possible. This would include things like correcting errors or adding a suitable hyperlink or image. If you have any problems please contact

Please don’t

  • Add irrelevant content (as it won’t be published)
  • Use a lot of unnecessary punctuation or capitalisation
  • Repeatedly add the same content (as it won’t be published)

Please do

  • Abide by the Terms & Conditions
  • Include details about your event, activity or opportunity (e.g. Time, Date, Venue and address (plus directions if required), Contact telephone number and email address, Ticket details, and where they can be purchased, Deadlines for submissions or projects etc)
  • Be concise and to the point
  • Update your article if something changes
  • Add tags to your article
  • Add a photograph or other media to make your article more interesting
  • Add a ‘featured image’ by uploading an image and click ‘Use as featured image’ before pressing ‘Insert into Post’  (if you don’t a default image will be used for your article’s thumbnail picture)

How to add content

A) Register or Log-in

You need to register and be logged in to add content.

B) Add Your Own

Click on any article or on ‘Things to See’ or ‘Things to Do’ and find the Add your own links at the top of the right-hand menu. (You can also use the links below)

Add your own content using these links:

C) Create Your Post

Once you’ve clicked the type of post you wish to add, you will see the Add New Post page where you can type in (or copy and paste) your post title and description. Use the tools to add bullet points, hyperlinks and other features to make your post more interesting and easy to read. You can add an image by clicking the image icon where it says Upload/Insert. Hover over the icons to select the right one for the media you wish to add.

D) Add an Image

Follow the instructions onscreen to locate the image on your computer or from the web, and give your picture a title (1) and a description (2). Click ‘Use as featured image’ (3) to give your article it’s thumnail picture (The image that shows on the homepage and index pages) then press ‘Insert into post’ (4) to add the picture to the body of your post.

E) Preview & Submit

Once you’ve inserted your image/s and finished writing the post you can preview how it will appear on the site by clicking ‘Preview’ on the bottom-right of the Add New Post page. You can also choose to save it as a draft to return and edit it later. Otherwise press ‘ Submit for Review’ and one of the team at Open Culture will publish your post which will make it live on the site for others to see.