Within 1978-9 by Phillip King born 1934

Ken’s Show: Exploring the Unseen exhibition, until 17 June

Tate Liverpool, Albert Dock, until 17 June

As an Art Handler, Ken Simons has cared for every piece of art displayed at Tate Liverpool since the gallery opened in 1988. Exploring the Unseen, is a new display of 30 works selected by Ken to mark Tate Liverpool’s 30th birthday and Ken’s 30-year career at our gallery.

On display are a selection of Ken’s favourite artworks from the Tate collection alongside artists who had their first UK showing at Tate Liverpool. Highlights include Joseph Mallord William Turner, Dame Barbara Hepworth and Mark Rothko.

The display explores the unseen or mysterious spaces in our world and point to Ken’s particular interest in sculptural and landscape art. You can hear from Ken first-hand during a week-longs residency in Tate Exchange and other fascinating, behind the scenes events, see below.

Supported by Tate Liverpool Patrons and Corporate Supporters.