Music for the Mind and Soul concert, 27 January

Capstone Theatre, Liverpool Hope University Creative Campus, Saturday 27th January, 1pm

Free admission, (free priority admission available through Eventbrite)

First Half: An Inner Voice by Kobini Ananth and Yarlinie Thanabalasingham

Kobini Ananth – vocals
Yarlinie Thanabalasingham – vocals
Sanjurran Keerthikumar – mridangam

Two young, talented and upcoming vocalists come together to create an innovative piece experimenting with a notion rarely used within Carnatic music, harmonies. Pulling away from improvisation with a focus more on composition, An Inner Voice allows the artists to explore their individual identities, ideas and journeys.
Second Half:Perseverance by Jonathan Mayer

Jonathan Mayer – sitar
Steve Tromans – piano
Tymoteusz Jozwiak – drums
Mitel Purohit – tabla

A dialogue between Indian classical and Western instrumentation, Perseverance explores the vulnerability of hope in a world embroiled in harsh severity. Keen to explore this theme, composer and sitarist Jonathan Mayer insists that “Music should allow you think about the world around you, not just sound pretty.” He hopes the new work encourage more musicians to step forward to explore new forms of expression through the rich tradition and heritage of Indian classical music.

This concert is produced in partnership with Zer0classikal.

The zerOclassikal commissions engage British born and/or trained artists to expand and radicalise the boundaries of South Asian Classical music. Each artist developed their work through questioning the traditions, experimenting new ideas and platforming progression.


The Capstone Theatre
Liverpool Hope University
Creative Campus
17 Shaw Street
L6 1HP