Liverpool Stand Up to Trump protest, 26 February

St. George’s Plateau, Liverpool City Centre, 26 February, 5pm – 8pm

Join the protest in Liverpool when Donald Trump visits Britain. It has been reported that Trump is expected to arrive in the UK for 26th-27th Feb 2018.
Join Liverpool Stand Up to Trump’s protest on St George’s Plateau at 5pm on Monday 27th February. Trump is not welcome here!

They will protest against Trump’s racism, sexism and bigotry. The invitation to Trump for a ‘working visit’ will be opposed by thousands of people in Britain. Government should not be seen to be endorsing the sorts of ideas and policies he is putting forward. Stand Up to Trump will be prepared to orrganise mass demonstrations against his visit whatever its status. They reject Trump’s politics of fear and division.

Please note the date is provisional and details may change as we know more about Trump’s visit.