Edward Kemp at the Williamson Art Gallery, until 19 November 2017

Williamson Art Gallery, Birkenhead, Merseyside, until 19 November 2017

Celebrating Edward Kemp, Landscape Gardener 1817 – 1891 and Park Superintendent, Birkenhead 1843 – 1891. 

This year, 2017 marks the bicentenary of the birth of the celebrated Victorian landscape gardener, Edward Kemp. Coincidentally it also marks the 170thanniversary of the official opening of Birkenhead Park, the first publically-funded park in the world. Designed by Joseph Paxton and laid out by Kemp, it has served as a model for hundreds of other public parks, of national and international significance.

Kemp was appointed as Birkenhead Park’s first superintendent and remained associated with it for the rest of his life, living first in Italian Lodge in Park Road South and then in a house he had built for himself in Park Road West. He was also the designer of Flaybrick Cemetery, opened in 1864, a plan of which is on display.
This landmark exhibition brings together for the first time items from the Williamson’s own collection together with material normally housed in Wirral Archives and examples of Kemp’s publications, kindly loaned by Birkenhead Central Library.
Newman, Swiss Bridge

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