Grace Wales Bonner, Ezekiel, 2017. Courtesy Jamie Morgan and Tom Guinness

Design & Empire [working title], 24 – 26 November

Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool School of Art & Design, 2 Duckinfield Street, Liverpool, 24 – 26 November

Design & Empire [working title] is a weekend of free events exploring the power structures embedded within contemporary and historical design, visual art, and consumer culture.

Presented by Liverpool Biennial and Liverpool John Moores University, Design & Empire brings together international practitioners from the fields of art, design, architecture, and fashion. From guided city tours exploring Liverpool’s architectural past to a cooking event serving up a colonial-style Christmas, the weekend will be underpinned by a series of talks from leading creative voices. These conversations will touch upon topics ranging from national identity and the display of museum collections, the role of copying within creative manufacturing, postcolonial models for contemporary fashion, the politics of computer interfaces, and beyond.

See the full list of events and participants here.

With Liverpool as both the subject and stage, Design & Empire will collaborate with its citizens in challenging aspects of Liverpool’s imperial legacy whilst reflecting on current practices within design and visual culture.

Curated by Prem Krishnamurthy, Emily King, and Joasia Krysa. Delivered in partnership with RIBA North and The Serving Library at Liverpool John Moores University’s Exhibition Research Lab. Funded by Arts Council England.