Queen’s Of the Underworld Cabaret at Red Brick Vintage, 28 October

Robert Cain Brewery, Stanhope Street, L8, 28 October, 7.30 – 10.30pm

As all Hallows or Samain approaches the veils are thinning, arise the dark goddess in her many disguises! At Club Orientations ‘Queens of The Underworld Show,’ you will witness, Drag Demon divas, mysterious and beautiful belly dancers, Burlesque Dakini’s, snake charmers, goddesses, Voodoo Queen’s. Singing Witches, hags, and supernatural drag Kings.

Your usual Club Orientation cast looks forward to bewitching you; Queen Ishtar 777, Queen Xenia the seventh and her consort Prince Bashar (five foot Royal pythons dancers and choreographers).
World famous drag diva, Lady Sian, Dancer and choreographer Princess Tara, Drag Kings. sex god Ringo Taurez and Cockney ghost drag King Richard Missing, Club’ O’s lovable dominatrix and dancer/drummer, Lady Lilith. Shaman drummer Kosmic Krista, Burlesque Dakini Pussy Noir, The Wrydd Way’s dark Folk band, Deejay Medicine man, Ishtar’s Temple dancers and so much more.

Dress Code Gothic, Magikal, exotic glamorous.

Be uplifted, dance with spirits. escape the matrix!

Tickets available from Red Brick Vintage or online here