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Domestic Science Workshops at Toxteth Library


Inspired by the evolution of Text Adventures into Interactive Fiction and the game arcades of the past, Interactive Non-Fiction is a way of making text based games and other activity that use data from the Internet and the Real World.

Domestic Science have been touring their exhibition of text based artworks and games installed in free standing Arcade Cabinets so that people can play these games in a more social way like the arcades and fairgrounds of the past pioneered.

They’ve been across the Northwest at Toxteth LibraryBarrow Library and The Exchange CIC in Morecambe’s West End before returning to Liverpool.

These simple games may seem retro or limited compared to some of the amazing possibilities of html, data and the Web but making them with free open-source tools like Twine can be the first step in understanding how to use the Web more creatively.

Domestic Science think there are intermediate skills missing for artists and enthusisasts to make this kind of work so they’re working with local creative technologists to put together a full day technical course for £25 with artists and technologists at Toxteth Library.

You’ll get some great reference materials and hands on experience for building interactive work based on the diverse data on the internet using existing websites, APIs and a wealth of contemporary web resources. The internet already is interactive non-fiction, it’s just easy to get sidetracked out there. Domestic Science think artists and other story tellers need to use it in a more contemporary way that reflects technical culture as it is now.

Play Games

You can play the artworks and games in the arcade here

Glenn Boulter’s game, Reduced To Clear is one of the first game in the arcade which you can play online below and uses data from the Office of National StatisticsHwa Young Jung’s game is like a wiki of British Shopping habits while Ross Dalziel’s game Austerity In The Home is about belief in politics, dodgy data analogies and an advert for our workshops..

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Tickets are available from the links below:

Friday 6th October 2017

Saturday 7th October 2017

If you are interested. please complete the survey if you haven’t already – it will help them understand your experience, interests and usual operating system!

Further Information

Further Information can be found on the Domestic Science website and at the projects code repository

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