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Urbingo Liverpool Workshops

A group of people from Liverpool have come together to kick start a project to make a board game for the city, and organisers are calling on others to join in and make their mark on the project from now until Saturday 2 September.

Social Enterprise Engage Liverpool have organised a series of workshops with fun activities that give anybody the chance to contribute their unique views on Liverpool to a one-off interactive board game that will give both residents and visitors the chance to engage with the city in an entirely personal way.

Workshops are now in full swing as local residents have been hitting the streets to take pictures of their favourite places to be included in the ‘Urbingo’ board game for Liverpool where visitors and locals will follow a trail of unique landmarks in the city.

Engage are now calling out for more people to get involved, including people who can take photographs, those with a flair for design, people with a sense of history, those who have an eye for unique and unusual features on buildings and on the streets, as well as families and individuals to map, walk and time routes within the World Heritage Site neighbourhoods.

The project has been inspired by the work of Jekaterina Lavrinec, a Professor in Urban Studies and a researcher and curator at – an urban games and research lab in Vilnius, Lithuania for over 10 years, who is visiting Liverpool to share her amazing model that connects residents and citizens with their heritage and built environment.

Urbingo is a game that challenges perceptions of the city whilst offering an alternative and unique view of a place we think we know well. Designed to be played either individually or as a team the game requires you to simply take a set of cards and explore the city by discovering where those cards belong all within a given time frame. With simple instructions and basic rules the main idea behind the Urbingo experience is for communities and visitors to take an interest in the local neighbourhoods of the World Heritage Site and the stories behind them. This is not a Visitor’s Map but an exclusive and absorbingly interactive way to connect with the buildings and places of the city.

Gerry Proctor, Chair of Engage Liverpool said “Liverpool has some of the most amazing buildings of any city in the UK. The people who paid for, designed and built some of our historic landmarks have left the city a legacy that just keeps on giving. We are working with residents of the city who want to explore these buildings, their history and the fact that many of them are considered to be so significant UNESCO has declared them to belong to the cultural heritage of the whole world and named Liverpool a Maritime Mercantile City World Heritage Site.” Whilst Karl Creaser of Historic England said “I really hope it is a success, as it seems to me to be a great and innovative way of both exploring a city and developing the shared stories about it.”

There will be ten workshops in total taking place between Wednesday 30th August and Saturday 2nd September in the morning, afternoon and early evening at Quaker Meeting House, School Lane.

To get involved simply book your place FREE at