Stage Combat workshop- Liverpool- Kenan Ali (hosted by Tmesis Theatre)

Sun 10th September 11-6pm (£45/40)

Hosted by Liverpool’s Tmesis Theatre, BADC Stage Combat instructor and Equity Registered Fight Director Kenan Ali will run a six-hour workshop on stage fighting techniques from the BADC Unarmed syllabus. All stage combat should be safe and convincing. This workshop will focus on safety principles and the tricks employed by all performers to ‘sell it’. We will also cover choreography and how to work with a partner to escalate the violence.

Kenan is a BADC certified Stage Combat instructor, Fight Director, trained actor, teacher, martial artist and fencing coach. He draws on a background of Mime and Dance but has studied many of the Chinese martial arts along with Thai Boxing, Fencing and Judo. He teaches all over the country and for his own performance/Stage Combat provision First Cuts.

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