In the Peaceful Dome exhibition, starts 13 October

Bluecoat, School Lane, Liverpool, L1, 13 October – 21 January

The final Bluecoat exhibition of the year is themed around transformation and continuity, time and time travel, and the intersection of the past and the future. It takes the idea of a continually evolving building that has a symbiotic relationship to place (Liverpool, but also the world – the local and the global), a long engagement with art, and a dynamic relationship to audience. The show will attempt to trace within this accumulation of history a continuum across time as culture shifts and the building itself undergoes profound change.

Through a combination of new commissions by invited artists, existing art – including loans of historic works from collections – and archival material, the exhibition will set up ‘conversations’ between different exhibits that will reveal and look afresh at Bluecoat, the art it has presented and the debates it has generated, reinvigorating them for today by finding contemporary resonances. It will throw up questions about how the past informs the future and how art and arts venues might adopt a more civic role.

Artists include: Roderick Bisson / Edward Carter Preston / Dan Coopey /  Jacob Epstein / The Grantchester Pottery / Janet Hodgson / Joanne Masding / Grace Ndiritu / Uriel Orlow / Will C. Penn / Winifred Phillips /  Jo Stockham