Chroma Exhibition at dot-art Gallery, from 11 August

14 Queen Avenue, Castle Street, Liverpool, L2 4TX, 11 August – 23 September

Colour in all its forms is the theme of the new exhibition at the dot-art Gallery. Chroma will be open to the public from 11th August – 23rd September and feature a collection of works by five local artists whose work exploits and harnesses the power of colour.

This new summer exhibition celebrates colour and abstraction through rigid line and natural forms. From bold statements to minimal geometrics, Chroma has been curated to demonstrate iconic style.

David Andrews is a street artist whose current series of works are geometric abstractions taking inspiration from architecture and his background in graphic design and created especially for this exhibition.

Anthony Gribbin, an artist who was based at Liverpool’s Bridewell studios for over 30 years, also produces geometric work but his are pure abstraction. Layers invite us to look closer as the various elements play with and contradict our notions of depth and surface plane. The eye responds in a direct and selective way to certain colour situations, line arrangements and patterns and may be misled so that an attempt to interpret may be confused or frustrated by ambiguous structures.

Nathan Pendlebury, who created the album art for the most recent Jake Bugg record, is a painter for whom colour is vital. He says: “I am interested in colour and I want my paintings to be confident, positive and vibrant. I prefer to produce more abstract work but the marks and shapes still tend to produce associations nonetheless. Associations are produced like glimpses without always being totally direct in realistic or figurative terms.”

Paul Fulton is a painter who attempts to recreate emotion on canvas. Through abstract paintings and use of colour, Paul’s work presents a strong visual statement to the viewer. Incorporating the concept of alchemy, the work allows him to transform the base metals of his moods and emotions into the gold of visual images that reflect responsive personal memories and emotions.

Finally, photographer Anna Nielsson has created a series of stunning abstract images using high-speed flash photography, exploring the patterns made using ink and water, creating unique and intriguing artworks.

The exhibition starts on Friday 11th August and runs to Saturday 23rd September. Entry is free.


The dot-art Gallery can be found at 14 Queen Avenue, Castle Street, Liverpool, L2 4TX (just 5 minutes’ walk from Liverpool One). Opening times: Monday – Saturday, 10am-6pm