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Trial by Jury immersive theatre

St George’s Hall, St George’s Plateau, Liverpool City Centre, 16 – 18 August

Following on from the massive success of its Launch, LoveHistory will return in August with another compelling Trial by Jury event, taking immersive theatre to a new level. If you ever fancied yourself in a courtroom drama then this is for you! Think Twelve Angry Men where we see each jury member debate the fate of the accused in a sensational and classic courtroom drama or Time to Kill when the young and determined lawyer swings a verdict of guilty to not guilty through his powerful and heartfelt summation. This opportunity offers each participant the opportunity to do just that!

You will initially be witness to a historical Crime of Murder. The full details of the crime will be revealed through compelling performances, re-enactments and guided by our very own “Sherlock Holmes” style detective who will piece together the full story and gather the evidence for the trial. After the harrowing case is revealed, evidence is gathered and the prosecution and the defence will make their case- it is then that the audience will become the jury!

They will be taken to a room to debate, deliberate, and ultimately decide the fate of the accused! Will it be the Gallows? A lifetime of hard labour or will it be mercy? The punishments will be relative to the historical period of the crime. You Decide!

Once the judge has passed sentence the real-life sentence will be revealed. Did you change the course of history or did you conform to the status quo?

The crime will not be revealed until the time of performance and you never know what historical period you will get.

This event is back by popular demand! Not to be missed!