Improvisers’ Networks Merseyside – a portal

Improvisers'  networks Merseyside

 Liverpool, Merseyside, UK

A portal – improvisers’ networks Merseyside. You are invited to: Share – exchange & collaborate. Service offered : Registered network members can upload their own content.

Improvisers’ networks aim is to explore “free improvisation, its nature and practice” in all disciplines, platforms: music, dance, poetic , graphic, is the primary aim of this website.

Portal: One objective to enable the primary aim to be completed is to be a portal, which may host & document the primary aim noted above, very ambitious, or more realistically to to act as a signpost to activities, documents, material the genre generates.

Another objective is to support network behaviour;to focus on the benefits networking brings.
What is networking, here is a list of criteria

    • Sharing skills, knowledge and expertise.
    • Provide support
    • Encouraging collaborative working, from neighbours to strangers
    • Sharing resources.
    • Hosting, debate & discussion, facilitating the generating of new ideas.

To support this project, to register an interest, please forward an email to