Call for Arts Administration Internship

The Reader Organisation, Calderstones Mansion House, Calderstones Park, Merseyside, deadline 30 June

Job Title: Arts Administration Internship – Reading Resources

Hours: 21 hours per week (flexible – to be agreed upon appointment)

Remuneration: Travel expenses paid and sustenance

Reporting to: Head of Reading Excellence

Start date: July 2017

End date: November 2017

Tasks: You will be part of a small group of interns working together to gain valuable work experience whilst helping a dynamic charity/social enterprise develop.  You will work predominantly with the Head of Reading Excellence and Specialist Practice Mentor, although there will also be opportunities to visit and communicate with other operational teams.


During your time in this position you will:

Coordinate the move and cataloguing of a large store of books owned by The Reader

    • Develop and coordinate a plan for sending out books to volunteer Reader Leaders across the country

    • Maintain a centralised cataloguing and checking out system for books and help to maintain a system for storing hard copies of stories and poems

    • Support admin volunteers

    • Contribute to the ongoing task of centralising electronic copies of short stories and poems held by The Reader in one site, making these accessible to all staff

    • Help to grow the online resource, for example by writing and adding to existing story summaries

    • Contribute to the development of further Reader anthologies, building on the momentum created by the ‘A Little Aloud’ series

    • Help to grow the Reader video library by preparing files for upload

How to Apply

Note. Please do not just send in a CV. They will only consider applications that follow the following process -

Please visit and click on the ‘Working with Us’ tab to view the full job description and to download an application form. Please complete the application form and submit a covering letter, explaining how you meet the requirements of this role, to

Deadline for applications: Friday 30th June, 5pm