Improvathon 2017 Crowdfunder appeal

Invisible Wind Factory, Regent Road, North Docks, Liverpool, 13 – 14 May

Featuring Liverpool favourites and exciting guests, the Liverpool Improvathon brings together some of the best improvisers and musicians from around the world. The annual theatrical comedy marathon this year will be set in space, and be a staggering 2017 minutes long. That’s a whopping 33 hours and 37 minute live, improvised soap opera! This comedic feat is the theatrical equivalent of binge watching a 17 episode box-set, never to be seen again!

For the last 7 years, the Improvathon has not only covered its own costs but has also acted as a fundraiser to pay for much of the creative community work we do with schools and local children, including last years Schools Improvageddon. This year however they face a substantial and unavoidable rise in costs that jeopardises not only the event itself, but also much of our work with young people during the year.

The Improvathon format was created in 1993 by improv theatre company DieNasty in Canada, as a fundraiser for their theatre.  The Annual Liverpool Improvathon has quickly established itself as a staple of the improv calendar and regularly attracts both UK and international performers to its doors.

The Liverpool Improvathon started life in the much missed creative venue The Kazimier but last year moved to an exciting new home, The Invisible Wind Factory, in Liverpool’s North Docks. This venue brings with it potential to grow the Improvathon into a bigger show, but also brings bigger financial and creative challenges for the company.

Impropriety is a not for profit CIC (community interest company), and as such any profits raised from events have always been invested in future projects. In the current economic climate, arts budgets in all schools are facing huge cuts, so Impropriety uses the annual Improvathon to fundraise money to subsidise workshops and projects in local schools.

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Improvisation is an increasingly valued tool in education, teaching a wide variety of skills including listening, team work, confidence building, public speaking and problem solving. Funds raised from the annual Improvathon makes the work we do accessible for as many local young people as possible.

Any money you donate for to this Crowdfunder will go towards:

Set and Props
Technical support and equipment
Feeding performers and volunteers
Venue Hire

Your help will allow them to make this show the spectacle it deserves to be whilst still providing revenue for local outreach work