Digital Promotion For Business course.

Fully funded Digital Liverpool business course, a Mid Cheshire College Initiative

People with digital skills in the UK earn on average £2,639 more per annum than those in similar roles who do not possess these same skills.

There are times when it seems the whole world is going on-line. Certainly we spend more and more time on our mobiles, tablets and laptops, whilst many of our working days are also spent in front of our screen. That’s why businesses need to understand how working practices are changing. 

Traditional marketing is dead.

Digital marketing is the promotion of a brand and its products across electronic platforms and brands now reach out to prospective customers in the digital space. And by next year the UK will need another 745,000 workers with digital skills. So why not make yourself stand out from other job seekers and learn the skills that will be increasingly used – and needed – by employers.

A large percentage of existing and start-up businesses do not have the necessary skills required in the digital age.

That’s where you could help – and persuade prospective employers to choose you over the other applicants for the new opportunity you have been craving. The nationally accredited Digital Promotion for Business course is fully funded – which means you pay nothing.

The course consists of the following:


  • Digital Promotion for Business
  • Understanding Search Engine Optimisation for Business
  • Coordinating the use of Digital Media for Business
  • Coordinating Offline and Digital Media for Business
  • Emergent Digital Techniques for Business
  • Producing Digital Promotional Content for Business
  • Data Protection and Digital Media for Business
  • Measuring the Effectiveness of Digital Promotional Activity for Business


The online course is easy to use and simple to follow and learning can take place at your own leisure.

So all you need to decide now is whether you are interested in furthering your career, enhancing your job prospects or just happy to work in any old low paying job for years to come.

Places and funding are limited and for more information about this offer email or telephone Daniel Jones 0151 305 7305.