Call for venue space, Zero Carbon event

Call for venue space, Zero Carbon event, Liverpool Community Renewables, Ullet Road, Aigburth, Liverpool, L17, needed by 15 February

Liverpool Community Renewables in partnership with the Centre for Alternative Technology want to undertake musical presentation of CATs “The Incredible Story of Energy” with piano and spoken word accompaniment. This has already been performed at  MOMA and Warwick Arts Centre

Requirement is for a venue with  good piano and a big screen, with sound system, to take place during first week of April. The budget is very limited so they would like to work in partnership to develop the project.

If interested contact Ed Gommon  by Feb 15 2017

Liverpool Community Renewables Limited, Ullet Road Eco-Offices, 125A Ullet Road, Liverpool, L17 2AB

Tel; 07794 084 038