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Book Art Workshops and Demonstrations

Adana Press

Book Art Workshops/Demonstrations, Central Library, William Brown Street, Liverpool City Centre, opens 4 June

A day of book art workshops and demonstrations to celebrate the opening of the “Shakespeare Now!” exhibition of Contemporary Book Art at Liverpool Central Library.

10.00-16.00 Letterpress Demonstration (Ground floor)

          Karen Edwards will show you how an Adana press works and answer your questions. She invites you to print various Shakespeare themed postcards using hand set lead type and other printing blocks on an Adana table top press, for you to take away and keep.

 10.30-13.30 North West Book Art Group (Hornby)

          NWBAG is a co-operative group of artist and book makers who meet to make books and share ideas. See members make books at their monthly meeting. Take the chance to ask questions and explore the creativity of book-making.

 14.00-16.30 Book-making for Children (Discover)

          Explore the possibilities of book art with local book artist Kate Bufton. In this children’s workshop she will show you how to transform the pages of old books. By folding them you can create a variety of different shapes – a simple yet effective use for an old book!