Craft Goes Pop!

Craft Goes Pop! / Bluecoat Display Centre / Saturday 24th January 2015 – Saturday 7th March 2015

Craft Goes Pop is a celebration of The Pop Art movement which emerged during the 1950s reflecting upon themes of popular culture, mass media, consumerism, means of production and bold colour statements. Contemporary artists of the time, such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Peter Blake and a host of others, created iconic works in a Fine Art context, from comic strips to depictions of Marilyn Monroe. Pop Art emphasized ‘kitsch’ and played with the notion of irony. This exhibition will revisit the Pop Art movement through contemporary craft, bringing together a neon mix of works made by hand by various designer/makers
working in a range of craft media.

Featuring works by Lucy Foakes, Kate Gorman, Rachael Howard, Jeanne-Marie Kenny, Holly Levell, Sarah Packington, Anais Paulard, Iain Perry, Taz Pollard and Natalka Melnyk

(Curated by Frances Gill, Gallery Assistant at Bluecoat Display Centre.)

For further information and images please contact Frances Gill via email at or call 0151 709 4014.

Bluecoat Display Centre
The Bluecoat
College Lane Entrance
L1 3BZ