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Flyover Fest, Liverpool

Flyover Fest this weekend, Liverpool, 13th July, 12 – 5pm.

Come Down to a Free Event & Support a Great Project

What better way is there to spend your Sunday, than with a full on Flyover Fest for free from 12 – 5pm? Enjoy performances and busker sets from Vanessa Murray, Dominic Dunn, We The Undersigned, She Drew The Gun and the wonderful Ukulele Club Liverpool as well as a free busking site.

You can also join Trev & Angie of Impropriety providing tours with completely fabricated stories about things that never happened on the Flyover…or did they?

Add this to great food, street arts, travelling minstrels and birds of prey, Sunday will be a day to elevate all of your expectations when it comes to a party on a bit of road.

“The Friends of the Flyover project is one of the most exciting things to happen to Liverpool in a very long time, make sure you’re there to show your support and experience a great day for all ages.” – Chris Herstad Carney, Threshold Festival