2.8 Hours Later: Asylum, Zombie Chase Game


The cross city zombie chase game is back. You find yourself in a world of quarantine, of borders and murder. 4 years after the original outbreak, the government has regained control but at what cost? Brutal security, corrupt officials, vigilante mobs and scavengers seep out of the cracks in the police state. When the infection returns, and the government can no longer contain it, what will you do to survive? Who will you leave behind? Can you make it to Asylum?

Asylum is an adrenaline fuelled cinematic experience like no other, catapulting you to the heart of the zombie action. You will make choices and sacrifices that will determine whether you and your friends survive. Honed by the latest bio-technology and a year in the making, Asylum is the only street game of it’s size and reputation in the world.

A Politically charged, gore filled, roller coaster ride of fear that will thrill newcomers and fans alike. Come Play.

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Advanced tickets only.

Minimum age: 18

Date: 26th & 27th July